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    High-Performance Building Products

    Note: Sicis Installation Instructions as well as many other glass tile manufacturers recommend the use of Litokol setting materials. Litokol is a leader in the industry and has decades of research and development behind their products.


    Founded in 1968, Litokol has gradually extended the range of its activities from the traditional ceramic industry to the broader field of construction. Litokol’s mission is to promote solutions that meet the needs of professionals in the construction industry. That also means that they “get involved” and search for practical solutions. Careful selection of raw materials, control of production processes and a well-equipped laboratory and efficiently ensure consistent quality products, in accordance with the requirements of the European and control procedures dictated by ISO 9001-2000.

    Litokol today means a widespread presence among our customers all over the country, 75 foreign countries reached every year by our products and growing success of our materials, which compete in all markets basing the comparison on the parameters of a technical nature, attention to the aesthetic and architectural and on high reliability.