Safe, Secure Orders from, an Artful Crafter, Inc. website.

The web site works hard to provide a safe secure internet ecommerce experience to it's customers. We use Thawte software to enable the use of digital certificates. You can click on the Thawte Secure Badge, at right to verify that is a Thawte Secure site. collects sensitive information on the mailing list screen and in the checkout and order confirmation screens. To protect your information all interaction between yourself and on these screens is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer or SSL technology. RC4 128 bit encryption means that your information is protecting against disclosure to third parties.

How it works

Q. How do I know that a web page is secure?

A. As is stated above, interactions related to the mailing list and order processing are performed in a secure mode via SSL. Most Web browsers including Internet Explorer and Netscape use clear visual symbols to let you know whether or not they are in secure mode. The symbols are displayed either at the bottom left or bottom right of your browser window.

Another indication that a browser is in secure mode can be found in the Web site address that your browser displays. The address will begin "http://" in standard, non-secure mode and "https://" in secure mode. The "s" stands for "secure."

Q. If SSL or secure mode is safer why not user it all the time?

A. SSL is not used all the time because most of the time you are not supplying sensitive information, you are only requesting information. The other reason is that the SSL protocol requires a great deal more resources to support then a non-encrypted protocol. Some estimates place the additional computational load on the web server to be as much as 10's. As a result if you visit the mailing list page then navigate through the shopping pages and then return to the general information pages before checking out you will be passing ina nd out of secure mode. This is completely normal.

Q. What other precautions are taken to protect sensitive data?

A. To process credit card transactions all ecommerce sites store your name and credit card number until the transaction has completely cleared. At the credit card number is encrypted using 128 bit Triple DES symmetrical encrytion. This extra step ensures that the computing environment you are dealing with is also secure.

Please note, you will see Artful Crafter Inc on your credit card statement.