Huron 240.05 Peridot Aventurina

Huron 240.05 Peridot Aventurina

Code: AGM-240-05


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Huron Colors Sold by the square foot. Suitable for Swimming Pools, interior and exterior applications. Custom blends are available. 

American Glass Mosaics Huron come in 1" x 1" stacked bond and 1' x 2" stacked and running bond as well as morse and herringbone. Clear, Iridescent and Aventurine finishes are stock. 

All glass is paper face mounting. Film faced on request, for an additional .50 cents per sheet. 

Some colors are available in Sand, Sand Iridescent and beach finish. 
All colors can be special ordered in any pattern, finish and color or blends of colors.  All glass tile is manufactured and assembled in the USA. 

Square Foot per sheet: 
1" x 1" stacked bond 1.13 sf/sheet
1" x 2" stacked bond 1.13 sf/sheet
1" x 2" running bond 1.04 sf/sheet
1" x 1" morse 1.13 sf/sheet
1" x 2" morse 1.13 sf/sheet
1" x 2" herringbone 0.88 sf/sheet
1" x 4" stacked bond 1.13 sf/sheet
1" x 4" running bond 0.94 sf/sheet
1.6" hex 0.99 sf/sheet

** 1" x 4" and Hexagon are available by special order for Huron, Splash and Arcadia Collections. 500 SF  minimum per single color. 

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