Ottochemie Silicone Primer

Ottochemie Silicone Primer

Code: LK-OP-1218

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  • Primer to improve the adhesion on absorbent mineral substrates under continuously wet conditions.
  • Airing time at least 60 minutes
  • Only for commercial users. Please observe the material safety data sheet.

Fields of application

  • For the swimming pool silicone OTTOSEAL® S 18 on mineral materials (e. g. concrete, mortar, grout) and ceramic
  • For the food and drinking water silicone OTTOSEAL® S 27 on unglazed ceramic surfaces
  • For the premium natural stone silicone OTTOSEAL® S 70 and S 140
  • Improves the adhesion of OTTOSEAL® M 350 on concrete and plaster

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