Sicis Iridium Marigold 1 Glass Tile

Sicis Iridium Marigold 1 Glass Tile

Code: IR-Mg1



Sicis Iridium Collection

Sicis smalto glass mosaic is iridescent on both sides which are smooth finished square chips. The edges are slightly rounded. The nominal thickness of the chip is 4mm. They are fiber mesh mounted well bonded and suitable for any wet installations. The use of Litokol setting materials recommended for wet/submerged applications. See Sicis Setting Instructions and Litokol Starlike setting materials. 

Sheet Size: 11 5/8 inches x 11 5/8 inches

Chip (tile) Size: 5/8 inches x 5/8 inches x 4mm 

Joint Width: 1.63 mm 

Uses: Indoor and Outdoor walls, Indoor and Outdoor Floors, Wet Areas. 

Maintenance: Regular cleaning with specific detergents for glass surfaces is recommended. 

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