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Transparent Glass Tile - A New Look at Design

Posted: 2/14/09

Transparent Glass Tile - A New Look at Design

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So how beautiful is transparent glass set on acrylic and back lit? It is cutting edge contemporary design at its best! We have been offering glass tile to discerning customers for years but we are just now noticing the demand increasing for transparent colored tile. Why do people want this?

It is the next evolution of design in glass tile. You can create a wall and not lose all the light, you can cover a backsplash and create a source of light where there was none before. There are so many reasons for choosing a transparent tile. Even without back lighting this tile type exudes a light crisp and fluid statement in color.

There are tricks to the learn and care should be taken when attempting this type of installation but with the right tools and planning you can make quite a statement in your bath, kitchen, pool or office! We have included a pdf from Sicis The Art Factory (major glass tile maker out of Italy) and a link to our Sicis Glimmer page. Looking for something really different in glass tile? Check it out!