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Litokol Epoxy Elite Evo

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Epoxy Elite Evo is an Acid-resistant two-part epoxy mortar for the installation and grouting of ceramic tiles and mosaics with 1 to 15 mm joints, on indoor and outdoor floors and walls. This is an eco-friendly product with ultra-low emission of volatile organic substances. Epoxy Elite Evo is a Two-part anti-acid epoxy mortar. Part A consists of a mixture of epoxy resin, fine-grain siliceous aggregates, pigments and specific organic additives. Component B consists of an innovative organic catalyst. The two parts, once mixed together, form a creamy mixture with excellent smoothness, also for no-drip vertical application. Once hardened, the product has ultra-high performance in terms of mechanical and chemical resistance. Grouting of ceramic tiles and mosaics on wooden kitchen tops.
Bonding and grouting of ceramic tiles and mosaics in swimming pools, including surfaces waterproofed with Elastocem, Coverflex or Aquamaster. Grouting of ceramic tiles, mosaics and natural stones installed on metal surfaces for the construction of prefabricated bathrooms. Grouting of ceramic tiles, thin reinforced slabs, mosaics, natural stones or resin agglomerates installed on heated floors. Grouting of glass or ceramic mosaic joints installed on structures and templates of extruded polystyrene panels used in Turkish baths, hammams and wellness centres. Grouting of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and thin slabs, including large slabs with or without reinforced back, installed on external fa├žades. Also recommended for grouting swimming pools or pools containing spring water.