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Hisbalit Photoluminescent Starlight Mosaic

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Luminescent Pool Tile

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STARLIGHT MOSAIC absorbs and stores luminous energy when exposed to natural or artificial light (fluorescent, ultraviolet, halogen).

Once absorbed, the absorbed energy is released gradually and continually in the form of green, blue or violet light according to the model selected.

STARLIGHT requires no batteries or complementary sources of energy, recharging completely in a few minutes when exposed to light, a process that can be repeated indefinitely. Recharging time will depend on the type of light STARLIGHT is exposed to. Ultraviolet light will cause starlight to recharge almost immediately; in sunlight it recharges quickly and provides intense light while fluorescent or halogen light will require a few more minutes of exposure time in order to absorb energy.

The duration of the emission of light will depend on the type of light absorbed, the exposure time and the starlight model, lasting for a maximum of 12 hours. The intensity of emission is gradual, reaching a maximum during the first few minutes and later diminishing gradually over time.

STARLIGHT MOSAIC is highly resistant to weather conditions, and is therefore suitable for use in all types of interior and exterior applications such as hospitals, garages, car parks, public transportation stations, emergency stairways, schools, discos, factories, spas, building fa├žades, etc. There are surprising and virtually unlimited possibilities for decorative applications (bars, restaurants, etc), combining starlight mosaics with an ultraviolet light to maintain a continuous and maximum emission of light.